Today, I began the day a bit confused. When I heard the name "Kzoo Whisker Crew" I had a very different idea pertaining to the kind of club this is.

The Kzoo Whisker Crew, as I learned today, is surprisingly not about cats. Cue my disappointment which quickly turned into curiosity (like a cat) about a club in Kalamazoo that strictly focuses on facial hair.

Earlier today (9/29) I wrote about an upcoming event at the local Viking establishment, Valhalla. You can read more below:

On the list of what to expect at this upcoming event is a "Beardzerker Beard Competition" thanks to the Kzoo Whisker Crew. Hence my confusion about why cats would be involved in a Viking event. Whoops.

Instead, this seems to be a club comprised of men who are very passionate about one thing: facial hair.

The purpose of the Kzoo Whisker Crew is, according to their website,

To promote competitive bearding and socialize with like-minded people. And, to host events and competitions that will raise funds for local and national charities.

The benefiting charity, as mentioned above, is currently the First Day Shoe Fund which operates out of Portage. They work to provide new athletic shoes for children in need at public schools in Kalamazoo county. In their first decade of existence they were able to provide over 33,000 shoes to kids in need.

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Is There a Membership to the Kzoo Whisker Crew?

Yes, the Kzoo Whisker Crew is membership based. Individual memberships cost $25 per year and include:

  • VIP Access to All Major Events
  • Discounts on Club Merchandise & Competition Entry Fees
  • Very Unique membership card

And more. There are certain rules for voting members versus non-voting members. You can read more here. To answer the lingering, you do not have to physically have facial hair to join. Only a love for all things facial hair.

To stay up to date on the Kzoo Whisker Crew's upcoming events, updated calendar (think firefighters but with a LOT of beards) and more make sure to follow them on Facebook.

And, make sure to look for them at the upcoming Valhalladay event at Valhalla in Kalamazoo.

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