Since it is Thursday and the tradition of Throwback Thursday is always fun I wanted to share with you some videos that I just saw for the first time that blew my mind. We’ve all heard the stories of people going over Niagara Falls in a barrel but we have plenty of our own waterfalls here in Michigan. The videos I came across the other day were back from a few years ago, and it’s crazy I’m just now seeing these for the first time.

Many videos have been posted of a bunch of sightseers enjoying an afternoon at Tequaminum Falls in the upper peninsula when out of nowhere a man in a kayak comes gliding towards the fall of the river and GOES OVER. You can hear the concern from the person who is videotaping the incident. But after the kayaker disappears into the water you can see him pop up and continue to go on his way.
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Although it seems dangerous, doing this isn't actually illegal as one report quoted a man from a Facebook page elaborating on the safety precautions:
I would like to make it clear that it is not illegal to run the falls but I do not recommended to do it without proper gear, knowledge and safety/support crew behind. I usually notify DNR agents before running this waterfall and have done it several times in the past.
Even though it's not illegal, you're not gonna catch me jumping in one of these and going over the falls, and I'd suggest you do the same.

Kayaking in Michigan 2020

Kayaking in Michigan

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