I think having places to go out to that aren't your typical bar or club scene is extremely important to adults enjoying their free time. I couldn't imagine if the only places to go out in Kalamazoo were the Y bar, Tin Can, The Library, Waldo's, University Roadhouse, and The Old Goat Tavern, the city would literally burn to the ground. Luckily, that isn't the case for Kalamazoo and that's due to residents from the city providing those spaces.

I wrote an article about a few of these event spaces a few months back, highlighting places around town that you could rent out for your event. Whether your event is a birthday party, anniversary gathering, wedding reception, gala, or more. These spots have been getting the job done and providing great nights for satisfied customers. Now, I'm revisiting one of those places for an event they are hosting.

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The Xperience which is located at 145 Farmers Alley is hosting an event that doesn't happen often. The Xperience is hosting a Karaoke Night, now you're probably looking at me as crazy because those are common and happen all the time but what about an R&B-only night added on to it? Playing everything from old-school jams to the newest love songs out, with everyone singing along whether they have the stage and the microphone or not.

This event will take place next Friday, September 23rd at The Xperience from 9 pm - 1 am, and this event is open to the public but with limitations. This event is reserved for those who are aged 25 and above, there is a dress code enforced as well. There will be no baseball caps, jerseys, or hoodies allowed inside the building, as The Xperience says "No effort, no entry."

Tickets come at varying prices on varying days, so the earlier you purchase your ticket the less you pay. Pre-sale tickets are $10 and tickets will be sold at the door but there will be a $5 upcharge, making tickets $15 at the door. There are also VIP and birthday tables available to purchase for the night. There will also be drinks and DJ Chuck will be on the turntables during the event.

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