One of the most difficult things to explain to a child is sickness and diseases. It's something I wish none of us had to do. But companies like Kalamazoo's own Higgy Bears has made kids dealing with diseases and sickness a little more comforting, by letting them know they're no different and incredibly special with their uniquely designed bears. Higgy Bears & Friends are designed for children who have scoliosis. Higgy Bears are available with back braces and rods.

There's one special girl in Kentucky, Arrya, battling Scoliosis, that recently received a donation from Higgy Bears and apparently it's made a major impact on her life, as Shriner's Hospital for Children recently highlighted.  Melissa Warren, a radiology technologist talked about how special the bear is to the young girl, and all the children who've received donations from the Kalamazoo based organization:

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She’s been carrying it with her everywhere she goes in the hospital. These bears make them feel like they’re not alone. They have a little buddy they can hold onto that’s just like them.

Because of Melissa Warren's efforts, there have been 10 Higgy Bear donations that have been made to the hospital, as I'm sure more will be made. The reason that Higgy Bears was started is because it's owner and founder, Lauren Higgerson, is a former Scoliosis patient herself, as she documents what started it all on her YouTube, as you can see below. This is such a tremendous idea and what a great gift to these incredible kids.

Higgy Bear Needs Help

Lauren is actually in need of help because she had significant water damage in her basement and all of the animals she had completed got ruined. Unfortunately, insurance denied her claim and hasn’t been able to help financially, so she working on trying to raise money to get some more stuffed animals. A friend started a GoFundMe to help her raise funds, which you can find here.

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