You know...I've heard a number a people bashing the younger generation for being "lazy" or "selfish" but honestly, I keep seeing stories that blatantly prove that wrong.

In Kalamazoo, a 12 year old artist named Sydney Hansen is already finding success with her artwork. As reported by WWMT News Channel 3, Sydney was set up outside of Colors & Cocktails for the downtown outdoor event, Art Hop, which returned to in-person this month.

Like many of us, Sydney decided to pick up the paintbrush when the world, effectively, shut down during the pandemic. The Art Hop event was the first time she publicly displayed her work, which I'm loving. You can see a few of her pieces in a Facebook post from Colors & Cocktails below:

Displaying your own art at an art festival is impressive enough at the age of 12, but Sydney didn't stop there. She decided to donate and is continually donating a portion of her sales to the Kalamazoo Institute of Art's summer program for children so other kids can discover their own passion for the world of art.

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Right now, you can see Sydney's abstract artwork at Colors & Cocktails in the Kalamazoo Mall as she is currently their featured artist.

Sydney Hansen, again at 12 years old, has started her own business under the name Sydney's Paintbrush. If you're interested in supporting this young entrepreneur and her quest to help other children learn about art, you can email her here:

I've said it before and I know I'll say it again, the youth of Kalamazoo have me impressed. I've seen an incredible display of dedication, inspiration, and hard work from the generation labeled as "lazy". Check out another Kalamazoo teen's story and how she took her business from home to the Kelly Clarkson Show:

You can find information on upcoming Art Hop events from the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo here.

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