Steer clear of the deer!

With Daylight Saving looming and hunting season underway, drivers throughout Michigan need to keep their eyes on the road now more than ever.

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With each passing year it seems like more and more deer are spotted in the most random places throughout town: I've seen deer running down busy stretches of south Westnedge, on the side of busy Gull Road, and the deer run rampant over at the Pfizer complex.

Essentially, nowhere is safe!

However, it seems one Kalamazoo neighborhood takes the cake when it comes to highest deer population. At least that's what it feels like to me, someone who lives in the Winchell neighborhood.

Why Winchell?

It seems like not a day goes by where I can't drive home through my neighborhood without seeing at least one deer; I think the most I've seen at one time is 7 but I started losing count after that.

You'll often see deer along this stretch of winchell ave
Google Maps

In fact, on my way home yesterday I saw a woman and her dog who had been out walking but  had suddenly stopped to look at something in a nearby yard. The way her dog seemed to be "on alert" struck me kind of funny and I figured they must be looking at something important-- low and behold it was a giant buck! That was a first for me.

With the Asylum Lake Preserve adjacent to the Kalamazoo's Winchell neighborhood it makes sense that you'd see many deer or other wildlife roaming the streets, but it definitely makes me uneasy about coming home at night; especially now that the days are getting shorter and it's getting darker earlier.

Although they did just remove the temporary bike lane bumpers that were installed for the now-defunct pilot bike lane program there are still countless walkers, runners, and bikers to look out for when driving this road. Just add deer to that list too!

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