One of the most incredible experiences for both parents and child/children is taking a trip to the zoo. Parents don't always enjoy the zoo as it can be scary, tons of kids are running around, there are animals all over the place, and adults that you don't know walking around. On the other side of that, is the joy, excitement, and laughs that are shared make it all worth it.

Depending on the age of your child/children a trip to a traditional zoo may not be worth the time, money, gas, or anything else that comes with it, but there is an alternative. Petting zoos have been around for as long as I can remember and continue to have popularity as they provide opportunities for small children to interact with animals such as goats, ponies, pigs, bunnies, and other smaller animals.

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Every year Wedel's, a flower shop in Texas Township, likes to have an event for the kids and animals to interact. They invite families from all over the Kalamazoo area to come and enjoy the time with them and the animals. This year, the event will take place next week on Friday, September 23rd, and Saturday, September 24th, running from 10 am-6:30 pm on Friday and 9 am- 3:30 pm.

Event Details

This event is full of activities and animals to keep the little ones busy. Along with the petting zoo animals, there will also be a bounce house, rescued and adoptable fur babies, straw bales and corn bins for sliding, and so much more. This is not a free event as ticket purchases are required, and prices do vary by age and the number of children in your party.

Ticket prices are as follows: Adults and children under the age of 1 are free, while children aged 1-15 are $6, but if you have 2-4 children that are aged from 1-15 years are $5 a piece, and for those lucky(or unlucky depending on how you view it) families who have 5 or more children that are the between the ages of 1-15 years will have their entire family cost capped at $20. Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time and your family can pick up wristbands at will call.

Kids and animals are some of the cutest and most innocent beings on the planet and having the opportunity to watch them coexist is amazing. Wedel's provides that opportunity every year.

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