Are you the one who likes to see what everyone else put out on the corner for trash pickup? Now is time for "good pickin'!" I see a lot of large trash items out on the corner now as people do their Spring Cleaning! There was one item that really stood out to me as I was leaving the radio station Sunday and that was a toilet. I thought, OK, I guess there really isn't a good way to get rid of a toilet! Then as I drove into work Monday morning, I noticed that toilet was gone. No, the trash didn't pick it up, someone driving by decided to pick it up! So I decided to put together a little list of things that are NOT OK to pick up in trash piles on the side of the road!

  1. Mattresses: Dirty Dirty Dirty!!
  2. Carpet: They are throwing it out for a reason!
  3. Clothes: Again, it is just something that you can't wash clean!
  4. Couches: It might look ok, but you never know what is hiding below the surface!




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