Kalamazoo is known for so many things. We're the self proclaimed beer capital of Michigan and slowly becoming the self proclaimed marijuana capital of Michigan at the rate our dispensaries continue to pop up. Back in the early 1900's we were home to the legendary Gibson guitars, now home to Heritage guitars. There's lots of things to get into all over the city, but there are a few things that make us unique, along with our people.

There are small habits which I find amusing that only people from the city can claim, and also do. What's the most Kalamazoo thing to do in your opinion? Well while you think of that I'm going to provide you with a list of the 5 most Kalamazoo things people from Kalamazoo do in Kalamazoo.

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Get A Lyft Or Uber From One Downtown Bar To The Next

Back when I worked for one of the companies, there were so many times people who had been casually drinking got picked up and dropped off at another bar less than a mile away. Apparently walking is for poor losers like me.

Play Gibson/Heritage Guitars At Shows

It's a full circle moment when you play a guitar that was made in your hometown at a show in your hometown.

Get Hangover Breakfast At Maggie's

Let's face it, there's a reason why this tiny diner is constantly packed. A university tradition is to get wasted the night before, then wake up and drag yourself to Maggie's with your tail between your legs, and leave in a condition that will quickly put you in a food coma.

Go To A Bar & Order Beer Made From A Brewery in Kalamazoo

You do know that beer was made here in Kalamazoo, right? It just seems like maybe you went to the wrong place.

Get The Pfizer Vaccine

Nothin' like that home-cookin' to keep you safe during the pandemic.

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