Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo and yes, we rock!

Last night on PBS the 'Antiques Roadshow', came to Detroit and Kalamazoo was prominently featured in the first 30 minutes of the show!

A gentleman brought a Gibson Humming Bird guitar that was his Grandfathers. He told the story that he remembered his Grandfather strumming the guitar when he was young. When the axe was new in 1963 the cost for the instrument was $275.00 (not cheap for that time)! After the guitar was examined, it was determined that the worth was $3,800.00! WOW! Not only is a Kalamazoo company still relevant in the music industry but, created great memories for some.

If you missed this weeks episode, never fear!

The show filmed not one but three episodes back in June (2018) at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Hills. It has been reported that around  3,000 people brought about 6,000 items to be appraised by experts. It was a long day for everyone involved but now we can reap the benefits with with 2 more episodes for us to enjoy through the month. The air dates are...

  • January 14th
  • January 21st

If you are not familiar with this highly addictive show, explains it as...

The program features local antiques owners who bring in items to be appraised by experts. Provenance, history, and value of the items are discussed.

Next Monday night you can enjoy seeing what our Michigan neighbors have in their basements and attics!

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