Earlier this week, NASA successfully landed and spacecraft on the surface of Mars after it made a supersonic plunge towards its' surface. This achievement is monumental and just show just how far we've come as a species. However there are other things our species has yet to accomplish which is where the good people of Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan come in. I posted a "tongue and cheek" picture and let them have fun:


Susan Griffith-Conroy- Find a cure for Cancer!
Tj Williams- Fill a pothole in Michigan.
Mark Doerschler- Help Flint.
Heather Noël- Offer a living wage
Kevin Thomas- Have reliable cell service
Scotty Murphy- Fix the roads in Michigan!!!!!
Josh Gutowski- Give out extra dipping sauces for chicken nuggets (amen Josh)
Mellisa Wisser- Allow me to open other windows while listening to YouTube.
Diana Kidd- Provide help for the homeless...
Linda Beasley- Print a newspaper that the ink doesn't come off on your hands....
Jenn Keyser- Pave the I-94/King Highway business loop.
Alexandra Hernandez- Convince 1/4 of the population that the earth really is round.
Becky Hallam- Have a Ziploc on cereal.
Angie Wilson- Make a self cleaning kitchen
Brandi Crowell Rogers- Solve healthcare
Kim Kujawa Campise- Get Heather a date in 2018 😂😂(That's coooooold)
Crystal Ott- Learn to drive in the snow

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