Remember back in 2019 before Covid and quarantines and just...2020 in general? We would blame everything on Mercury in Retrograde. Did I trip on my own shoelace? Must be Mercury in Retrograde. Did I just break up with my significant other because he snored too loud? Oh yeah...that's Mercury in Retrograde. Before you go rolling your eyes, understand that I am not one to whole heartedly believe in astrology. But, even I caught myself blaming a planet for strange happenings in my life.

And now we get to do it again. ABC 12 News just reported that this month Mars will be close enough to Earth that you'll be able to see it with the naked eye. In fact, says that in Michigan we'll have "perfect visibility" on October 13th from about 7pm to around 7am. And this won't be happening again for another 15 years. Which led me to wonder...what does that mean for us?

Cue the deep dive down the rabbit hole that is astrology where I landed on a description about "Mars in Retrograde". Here. We. Go.

According to Allure, Mars in Retrograde is WORSE than Mercury in Retrograde. Since Mars is a "warrior planet" (did he win some medals or?) going into Retrograde means that certain areas of our life will feel a bit fragile. They say we should expect to feel frustrated, uncertain, stagnant especially at work, and overly aggressive. Because 2020 doesn't already have enough of that.

There is good news for those who believe...this won't last forever. Mars in Retrograde will be over on November 13th. Which is a Friday. This period of frustrated aggression is going to end on Jason Voorhees favorite day. Perfect.

Does a planet being closer to Earth actually influence our behavior? Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, I find comfort in the fact that we can look up into the night sky and spot our closest neighbor. It makes all my frustrations and stressors seem a little less important. And maybe that should be the focus instead.

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