It's Thursday and you know what that means? That's right! I ignored all work for about 30 minutes and instead hung out with this adorable pup.

For this week's Dog Days, Katie Timber from the SPCA of SW Michigan brought Ms. Lizzie in to say hello. Lizzie is approximately one year old. She's a medium sized dog and is incredibly friendly. The only time she was shy was when the camera was on and that's when she gave me this look...😂

Lizzie 2

It's like she knew that I was trying to snap a photo.

Since Lizzie is younger those looking to adopt should know that she will need some training. As well, Katie timber warned that she likes to go after bras. A "bra stealer" is how she put it. Again, that's where the training will come in. Katie noticed that Lizzie was a bit hesitant around her cats so a meet and greet with your pets, if you have any others, is recommended.

One more thing you should know about Lizzie, she is currently heartworm positive but is undergoing treatment that is expected to be successful.

Currently, the SPCA is open by appointment only. If Lizzie sounds like the right fit for you, you can schedule your appointment to meet her one on one or with your other pets by contacting the SPCA here.

For those looking to adopt but may not be the right fit for Lizzie, or vice versa, there are plenty of animals in need of their forever homes at the SPCA of SW Michigan. And this weekend, Friday December 11th and Saturday December 12th, they're having another empty the shelter event where adoption fees will be partially sponsored. Read more on the SPCA's Facebook page.

Finally, things may be challenging for you or someone you know right now. If you find yourself in need of things like food for your pets, the SPCA can help. See a list of their programs here.

Let's find this pup her forever home! If she's not for you, please share with someone who might be interested 💗

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