Most of us by now have already started decorating the house for the holiday season. Whether it's lights going up on the house, in the trees, or the always fun ritual of decorating the Christmas tree, it's important we try and stay festive and positive through this tough time of the year. Let's face it, this whole year has been a mess and we use some holiday cheer. That's why I wanted to find some cool ways to show some local love in our homes for Christmas.

You can set up a nativity like never before with your very own Kalamazoo-Whoville. You can also string up the lights and light up the tree with some cool Kalamazoo ornaments. Going through amazon I discovered there are tons of different ideas to choose from, so I figured I'd put some all in one place for you to grab before Christmas, or as a Christmas present. Here are some of the options for you to look through:

The traditional script of Kalamazoo on a circular ornament

A cool vintage style Burdick Hotel and Hanselman Building

Really cool Slide Fire Engine in Kalamazoo from the early 1900's

The big welcome sign in Downtown Kalamazoo would look great on a tree

Something cool for the rock fans in your family. Gibson, started right here in Kalamazoo.

The perfect ornament for someone outside of Kalamazoo. Greetings!

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