Kalamazoo has once again shown the country that there ain't no games out here when it comes to our beer. It's almost every week that we hear about Kalamazoo being named as one of the best places to drink beer or to provide beer. A new survey projected results that puts Kalamazoo in the Top 10 as one of the best beer cities in the country.

The survey was conducted by beerandbrewing.com where they asked their followers to vote for their favorite beer cities, and Kalamazoo ranked in along with Grand Rapids at number 7. Here is the full list of results:
1. Denver/Boulder, Colorado
2. San Diego, California
3. Asheville, North Carolina
4. Portland, Maine
5. Portland, Oregon
6. Chicago, Illinois
7. Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Michigan
8. Seattle, Washington
9. Boston, Massachusetts
10. San Francisco Bay, California
11. Austin, Texas
12. New York, New York
13. Fort Collins, Colorado
14. St. Louis, Missouri
15. Burlington, Vermont
16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
17. Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida
18. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
19. Bend, Oregon
20. Richmond, Virginia

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