Megan Dooley is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to the local music scene. If you've ever been lucky enough to see her perform, you know how much she puts into her show and what a unique experience it is. She was gifted an unlikely instrument some years back, a ukulele, which she grew to love and over the past 4 years has become a big part of her life and performance. That gift, however, was stolen from her outside one of her shows last week.

The Kalamazoo musician told me why the instrument was so important to her:

It was my first uke. I never thought I'd even want to play one, but I bonded with it so quickly and just started writing like crazy on it. This particular uke is actually the third one that Luna sent me. I had to send back the first two because of factory defects with the pickups. So it took me months to actually have it.

With the help of her friend Alex Mays, it was discovered that her stolen instrument was being sold in the same town as it was stolen from on the LetGo app. A 17 year old kid, Andre (apparently with the help of his parents), stole her uke and tried to sell it online for $30. Megan made contact and the kid gave her his home address. Megan showed up a few folks deep and yelled at him pretty good. It scared the thief enough to relinquish her stole instrument back to her.

Megan said she is super thankful for everyone who helped share her Facebook post to help get back her stolen ukulele:

Folks hardly ever get their [stolen] instruments back, I feel super lucky.



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