Kalamazoo is known nationwide for their breweries and craft beers. It obviously goes without saying that Bell's is one of the most popular beer brand names out there, and with celebrations for their Oberon & Hopslam, it's no surprise they continue to grow in popularity. But there is a wave in a rising market that has seemingly crashed head on into the city, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Medical & Recreational marijuana facilities are seemingly taking over, as the announcement of the two most recent dispensaries on Gull Road & Stadium Dr. will make it a dozen dispensaries.

Here's the kicker though, Battle Creek has even more dispensaries, with Weed Maps showing they have 18 in their area. That's catching up dangerously close to Ann Arbor, who has over 20. If I'm being blunt (mind the pun), It's starting to look like the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area is starting to become the weed capital of Michigan.

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It may be hard to dethrone Ann Arbor, especially considering the cities' history with the drug, including the famous John Sinclair arrest which he was released from. With just a few days after the 50th anniversary of his release, the city continues to add more dispensaries and it's starting to look like this industry is on it's way to being the biggest in the country.

It's all a matter of debate if the title of "Weed Capital of Michigan" is determined by the number of dispensaries the city has or if it's the culture of the plant in the city, but It's definitely only going to continue to grow in Southwest Michigan.

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