During the past weekend, one Kalamazoo man decided that he had some unfinished business at the courthouse and decided to take measures into his own hands which eventually led to his arrest. Considering he was arrested on Friday morning he had to sit in the County jail all weekend thinking about his actions.

A man broke into the courthouse in downtown Kalamazoo Friday morning for what seems to be no apparent reason. Public Safety officials responded relatively quickly and arrested the individual before he could do any more damage and had the window boarded up by 10 am.

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Look, I don't know much about the court building and how it works but I'm positive that it's not a good idea to break into one. I'm not sure what this man had in mind once he was inside of the building, but the plan doesn't seem like it was thought out thoroughly before going into action.

Did he want to go in and pretend to be a lawyer? Or maybe he wanted to wear the robes and bang the gavel while no one else was around? Or wild concept here, it was cold out and he was looking for some warmth and decided the ground floor of the courthouse was the perfect place to get inside.

Although, the only thing he was awarded for his efforts was a run-in with law enforcement, handcuffs on his wrists, and an extended stay at the Kalamazoo County Jail. I wouldn't recommend following in his footsteps as the only thing you could gain from breaking into a courthouse or any other government building is exactly what he got, some time in a jumpsuit.

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