On National Grilled Cheese Day it only seems fit that I would find out that Kalamazoo has an Annual Grilled Cheese event that allows you to try dozens of different kinds. The Annual KZP Grilled Cheese Cook Off is held every year and allows people to participate, consume and judge the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the area. Demand to get into the event was so large last year that they had to limit it to 250 enteries only.

A date for the 2018 cook off has not yet been released but you can imagine that details will be coming out very soon. All I wanna know is how do I become a judge for this event or enter to make my own winning recipe? All the info you need can be answered by emailing them at info@kzpgcco.com. Let's hope they release some details soon so I can prepare for the amount of cheese I'm about to ingest this year!



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