Essential and frontline workers are now eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine in Kalamazoo. Finally!

As reported by Wood TV News Channel 8, restaurant and grocery workers are now able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Kalamazoo after the country decided to expand eligibility. Along with these essential workers, the following are included:

  • Anyone over the age of 50 with a preexisting condition
  • Anyone who is homeless
  • Caregivers of children who have special health care needs

And more. You can read the full eligibility list here.

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What this means for the rest of us:

It means that as we patiently wait for our turn to receive the vaccine, we now can have a little peace of mind if we decide to visit our local restaurants. I can only speak for myself, but I've been torn as of late between wanting to support local establishments and wanting to protect myself as an asthmatic.

I will say I've been incredibly impressed with the steps that local restaurants and grocery stores have taken to keep everything distanced, sanitized and still convenient for customers. The vaccine is simply another layer of protection and another step towards some semblance of normal life.

How to register for the vaccine:

It is recommended that employees register for their vaccine through their employer. For everyone 50 and older with a preexisting condition, you can register for the vaccine on the health department's website. However, they are asking people to be patient as the registrations are overwhelming at the moment.

Remember, there are other options besides the health department for the vaccine. Meijer, for example, has joined the effort to help with vaccinations. They, too, have an online registration process. You can find details below.

As we know, details about the pandemic are constantly changing. Stay up to date with infection rates, openings and more here:

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