Christmas is about a month and a half away and people are already getting ready for the holidays, with some people starting their shopping early. That's mostly the appeal about Black Friday, the fact you get everything at a cheaper price specifically to get the shopping knocked out well before the holiday. During the summer, it must have felt like Christmas in July, when we learned that Kalamazoo was receiving a $400,000,000 gift from an anonymous donor.

Unfortunately many people think that "Christmas" money won't be going to the right places, considering the homeless issue we've been hearing a lot about this year. I wanted to get the people's insight on one gift they think Kalamazoo really needs for Christmas. While some went out of there way to keep it serious business by saying, "New Leadership," others had some fun with responses like:
"For people to learn how to park"
"A shot of penicillin"
"Golf carts. Oh, wait.... nevermind...." (OPE)

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Ultimately, what I think the city needs is a little more compassion and solutions to the low income areas in the city and for the homeless population. We have a lot of places to live, but the main complaint we're starting to see regularly is that nothing is affordable, and the worry of gentrification is starting to get brought up more and more. This city is an awesome place to live, but these are the thoughts of those who live here, on what Kalamazoo desperately needs for Christmas. At the end of the day, let's just have some fun:

This Is What Kalamazoo Needs For Christmas In 2021

We asked the community what this city needs for Christmas this year and these were their reactions...

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