Kalamazoo stands strong and proud as a sanctuary city.  Monday night that commitment was made clear.

Kalamazoo leaders had a lot to say on the matter according to WWMT,

“We confirm our commitment to be a welcoming city. That’s the primary thing.” Stated Commissioner Jack Urban.

While Vice Mayor, Don Cooney, took it a step further. “We want to say if you’re in this community you’re welcome here” he says. “We care about you. We will protect you. We are with you.”

Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley also spoke. He says his officers will never ask about a person’s status as a resident unless it is relevant to a criminal investigation.

“Refugees need to feel comfortable here,” Say Chief Hadley, “comfortable asking for help if they need it, especially from police.”

Immigration has been a hot button issue since Donald Trump's travel ban which effected many people with work visas, green cards and other legal rights to be in the US.

What do you think about Kalamazoo's welcoming stance?



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