The Christmas Emporium is one of the most unique storefronts in the Vine neighborhood and one of the strangest aspects of this little hidden gem in Kalamazoo is that they are only open a few hours during the Holidays. So how does a Christmas shop only open a few hours a year stay in business? With goodwill and charity. Very little is known about this Christmas shop located at the corner of Axtell & Westnedge, so much so that there is no business information on Google, nor do they have their own social media page.

A few years back, Stewert & Co. stopped in when they noticed the OPEN sign was lit and they described their experience with meeting the owner, Jeanie Albright and how this store takes all their earnings and gives it right back to the community:

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 She explained that she loves Christmas decorations and has been collecting them for years. The vast assortment of affordable Christmas items she buys throughout the year are then sold in her shop. There are unusual trees in purple and pink, lights, balls, stockings, wrappings and ribbons plus lots of Santas. When I inquired about how they can afford to stay in business she laughed and said they donate all the proceeds to local charities.


When Are They Opening For The  2021 Holiday?

There has been some staffing issues and although hours are normally varying, it appears that the shop may not open at all this holiday season, although we'll have to keep an eye out for their open sign to be lit, as there is no business social media page for the business.

Kalamazoo's Christmas Card Lane 2021

It's a tradition that started in the city of Zeeland, Michigan and made it's way to Kalamazoo. Every year, residents who live on Lauderdale Drive in Kalamazoo transform into Christmas Card Lane. 

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