Back in 2015 I bought the first car I have ever owned that I didn’t have to worry about taking a crap on me. Boy was I wrong. Two weeks after driving it out of the lot it needed a full tune-up that set me back $500, but I still appreciated it. Back in October 2019 the transmission died, but once again, I was able to pull some strings together and amazingly get it repaired with a used transmission with only 28,000 miles on it for a total of about $800. That is unheard of as anybody with transmission problems knows.

But something happened over the weekend that absolutely put me over the edge and drastically kick started my anxiety and depression. Somebody thought it would be playful to apparently set up a paint bomb under my car, or spray paint it as the entire undercarriage is covered in yellow paint along with the back of my car. Luckily when I discovered it yesterday I was able to get the yellow paint off of the paint job on my car, but as you can see it’s still on the undercarriage and under the bumper.
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I definitely didn't run over a paint job on the street, as the bottom of my tires are clean. This December I will have officially paid off a car I’ve been financing for six years. The idea is to basically ride it till the wheels fall off, but the fact that I’ve worked hard for six years to pay this thing off only to have it covered in yellow paint two months before the final payment is proof that people really need to get a life. I work hard every single day and put a smile on my face and do my best to entertain the city I love him too inform you of all the things that are happening in our community. I'm also a human with generalized anxiety disorder this crap absolutely does not help.
We don’t need this... nobody needs this. I got into my fair share of mischief when I was a kid, but to damage somebody’s personal belongings and vandalizing their property is juvenile and incredibly damaging. I don’t know who is responsible for this, but I hope if they see this, they know that regardless of their sinister attempt to make me irate, I woke up today with a positive mindset thankful for the things I have. Maybe you should take a look around your belongings and things that are personal to you and wonder what would happen if somebody decide to absolutely destroy them and tarnish them. Be better for yourself.
Somebody suggested I crowd source and see if this has happened to anybody else in Kalamazoo. I got to be honest, when I first discovered this yesterday I was about to crowd source these hands, but acting on anger never leads to anything constructive. Has this happened to you recently? Please hit me up on the chat button of our app and let me know.
P.S. To the person who’s responsible for this: If I ever catch you trying to do it again I will powerbomb you through table. That's what we in the wrestling industry call, a shoot.
TSM Mark Frankhouse
TSM Mark Frankhouse

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