One of the things I always make sure to do whenever I get a 6-pack of pop or beer is to cut all of the rings so that if it somehow makes its way to where animals are, they don't get stuck. We all remember seeing those videos in school of what pollution does so I've always tried to do my part. However, one Kalamazoo brewery is taking a stand for solving that problem and hoping other local breweries start following their lead.

According to WWMT 3, Final Gravity Brewing has teamed up with Eco 6 Pack Ring and have started using a bio-degradable 6 pack ring for their beers. They're the first brewery in Michigan to use the new product. The rings are made from grain and other byproducts which would normally be waste from the beer making process as well as other plant fibers. Owners Kevin and Michael Christensen said the new rings are just as strong and the plastic ones.

This father/son duo believe this is a huge step in eliminating waste material and cleaning the environment as Michael explained:

When I was a kid, I remember cutting up the plastic rings. And this was the next step, which I'm kind of happy with, but I thought we could do a lot more. I believe we can make our planet a lot better and cleaner.

Kevin Christensen also added how this will also bring positive change to Kalamazoo:

Certainly, it'll protect all our great waterways, our great lakes; Just in Kalamazoo alone we'd make quite an impact on our environment.

The rings will break down after 3 months by design and won't be harmful if ingested by animals.






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