Ya...you read that right. Just what the beer world needed. Axle Brewing Company out of Ferndale, MI announced this week that they are creating a new brew inspired by one of the President's recent Twitter rants. Entitled "Very Stable Genius," this beer is described quite bluntly by the company's President Dan Riley.

Dan Riley told the Detroit News:

The beer itself really defies conventional logic and rational explanation. It's like, really delicious, and it's going to be huge, but also very limited. It's one of the most powerful beers in the world, yet incredibly delicate, even fragile. The confounding aroma entices with notes of frankincense and myrrh, and just a subtle hint of lunacy.

He went on to add that that the beer will have an "ethereal orange hue."

This was all inspired by the recent rant from our President on Twitter where he claimed to be "like, really smart” and a “genius…and a very stable genius at that.” This is the first time a twitter rant has ever inspired a beer, adding to the list of our President's accomplishments since taking office.

Axle Brewing's Facebook page made the announcement noting:

Sometimes a great beer name comes in your sleep, or on a hike, and once in a great while when you hear a story on the radio and the beer you are drinking shoots out of your nose. This was the latter. Coming soon...

I'm totally gonna try this beer and I encourage any Trump supporter or non-supporter to indulge in the greatness of the times we live in. Cheers!

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