Michiganders strongly disagree with a recent study released about caffeine consumption in the U.S.

Full disclosure, when I say Michiganders disagree, I'm referring to ALL of my co-workers.  I didn't exactly take a legit survey on the matter.  But the fact that Michigan is the 10th least caffeinated state in our nation is very hard to believe.  Zippia.com put together this study using the following data:

  1. Average cups of coffee consumed in each state.
  2. Percentage of people in each state that drunk soda.
  3. Google searches for "coffee near me."
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If you're a coffee addict, you don't google where coffee shops are near you.  You already know.  So, that's the first problem with this study.  The second problem is my personal Mountain Dew consumption.  I alone, should have lifted Michigan to the top 10 caffeinated.  Believe me, not something I like to brag about.

Michigan neighbors to the South are apparently on a much bigger caffeine buzz than we are.  Ohio ranked #22 and Indiana #18th in the most caffeinated states study.  As if all of this wasn't strange enough.  The most caffeinated state in the nation is Vermont.  When I think of Vermont I think of a cozy Bed and Breakfast, syrup and antiques.  OK I've never been anywhere near Vermont.  However, with a population of just over 600,000 people, I'm pretty sure Michigan's nearly 10 million people are consuming way more cups of coffee.  Side note: I have no idea why I am fighting this fight. I clearly need help quitting Mountain Dew.

See the full list of states rank from most to least caffeinated by clicking here.

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