With the Masters golf tournament on the rise, the PGA released a list of words and phrases they are banning spectators from shouting during the broadcast and throughout the duration of the tournament. Phrases like "Dilly Dilly," "Can You Hear Me Now? Good!," and "Rest In Peace Harambe" will get you kicked out of the tournament. We took to Facebook to see what residents of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek thought and which words and phrases they want banned from the area. Here were our results:


Thelma in Three Rivers- "I just can't get over the fact that people were saying Dilly Dilly enough to get it banned" (*laughing emoji.*)
Melissa in Comstock- "Snowflake, as an insult..."( If that's all you have then you're pretty bad at debating.)
Sandie in Portage-  "Anything to do with politics" (Can we please not?)
Tim in Kalamazoo- "I don't drink beer." Yep, you can leave now.
Kathy in Battle Creek-  "The snow isn't done yet!" For real, it's April.

My hope is that some dude is gonna come onto TV and just shout all the banned words and phrases and makes a huge scene. We need something to excite the thought of watching guys walking around chasing after a tiny ball for 9 hours.



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