Kalamazoo Comedians answer dating/relationship questions from listeners.

This week, a listener asked if a New Years Ever hookup could turn into a relationship.

Dear Morning Show...

Like a lot of people, I went to a party on New Year's Eve and I hooked up with a guy I really like. It wasn't just a random hookup. He and I have known each other a while, and we like each other. At least, I definitely like him. In the morning, he drove me home and asked me for my phone number. I don't want to get my hopes up that he'll call, though. Have any serious relationships started from a drunken hookup on New Year's Eve? - Holly, 21

We were able to get to two questions this week, and Nate T asked:

A woman and I both just got stopped trying to simultaneously buy cold beer at 6:59am at the self checkout, and it felt like the beginning of a romantic comedy. The annoyed eyes of the 12-or-less masses burned down on us under the flashing lights, as we waited one minute for it to become legal, the attendant staring at her watch, counting down each second... When we made eye contact she made an awkward joke, "I need my beer NOW!" I flushed as red as the attendant's vest, if not from embarrassment than from sheer lust. Can this possibly be fate? Could those flashing red lights be the pulsing of one newly enmeshed heart? - J. Nate, 31

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