Listen to Nate and Bobby from Kalamazoo Comedy giving bad advice about ghosting.

This guy gets ghosted every time he tries to meet a girl through online dating,

Dear Morning Show, I keep getting stood up by women I’ve met online. The likelihood that women will follow through with plans they made on an online dating app is about the same as the likelihood that I will go rock climbing at dawn with that guy I just met at the bar 19 beers deep at 2:30am. (My life is a real garbage fire.) I made the last girl pinky swear. Spit was involved. Still, she flaked harder than the creepy guy at my work when he runs out of Head N Shoulders. (And looks EXTRA like he's going to kill us all.) What are some strategies to prevent women from outright ghosting on your plans? I’ve considered possibly having the next one sign something in blood, or just chaining her to the radiator in my basement. Nate, 31

Kalamazoo Comedians respond

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