Kalamazoo Comedians giving hilariously BAD dating advice.  Today's topic - Is it OK as an adult to sleep in bed with mom?

A listener wants to know why his girlfriend is weirded out by the fact that he sleeps in the same bed as his mom,

Dear Morning Show, My dad has been going out of town a lot for work lately, and my mom gets scared being alone in the house. I'm her oldest son, and I want to make sure she's okay, so I stay the night. I'm six-foot-one, and I don't fit into the guest bed, which is a twin. So I share my parents' king size bed with my mom. There's no weird stuff going on, I mean . . . it's my MOM for crying out loud. But my girlfriend is weirded out by it. She thinks I'm too old to spend the night in the same bed as my mom. Is it weird for a grown man to share a large bed with his mother? It's just to sleep, so why is it even an issue? - Jim, 30

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