Listen to Sonny from Kalamazoo Comedy in studio giving advice about kids on leashes.

Kalamazoo comedians responded to this woman who was yelled at for putting her child on a leash because she is constantly on her phone;

Dear Morning Show, My kid loves to run around. He's only five, but it's hard to keep track of him because he's always getting into trouble.  So whenever we go somewhere, I put him on one of those harness leashes. It makes sense because I'm always looking at my phone. And that way I don't lose track of him.  But over the weekend some woman yelled at me for it. She said I should be a responsible parent and pay attention to my son.  He's MY child…shouldn't I be able to put him in a harness if I want to?- Heather, 40

Kalamazoo Comedy Responds

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