A scary false alarms terrified movie goers Friday Night in Beavercreek, Ohio as a man is quickly tackled during the movie.

During a very intense moment in the movie a man came flying down the isle to tackle a man who stood up.  One witness thought she heard a man say, "Dude, you brought a gun," according to WHIO.com,

A second man got up from his seat and ran down the steps in the theater to help subdue the man who stood, she said.  Security and police were there within minutes of the incident, which Crossley she said happened about three-quarters of the way into the two-hour movie.  The man who stood during the movie was handcuffed but resisted the officers before he was led out, she said.  The movie did not stop, but once the credits started to roll, the theater immediately turned on the lights and asked everyone to stay seated.

A gun was not involved in the altercation according to the Beavercreek police.  The theater gave all of the movie goers vouchers for a free movie for their inconvenience.

The new Joker movie is very dark.  Also, let's not forget the tragic night of July 20th, 2012 when a man opened fire in a movie theater killing 12 innocent people during The Dark Knight film.

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