Seemingly out of nowhere, Jimmy John's has opened up a new location, which seemed to take people by surprise. Adding to what I like to call Fast Food Lane located at 421 S. Kalamazoo St. in Paw Paw, the Jimmy John's location now competes with other fast food giants in that same stretch of road, along with McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Arby's, Red's Root Beer. It'll be a tough battle but business consultant for the new location, Shale Sharp is confident this crew will keep bringing customers back.

After some negative feedback from some customers on her feed in the "Paw Paw Now and Then" page, she assured everyone this experience would be much different than alleged past visits, saying:

Thank you all to everyone that showed love and support. For those that have had bad experiences at other locations, I hope you will allow them to try to change your opinion and give them a chance. Jimmy John’s is open today! Come show some love if you can.
Used with permission Shale Sharp
Used with permission Shale Sharp
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Paw Paw no doubt has a lot of food options now right off of I-94. This Jimmy John's is the second new business to open up in Paw Paw this week, as El Marcado Los 4 Hermanos, a Mexican market, celebrated their Grand Opening on Monday, March 8th, which you cant take a detailed look at below. I'm glad businesses are making it through the pandemic and thriving.

The New El Marcado Los 4 Hermanos Mexican Market In Paw Paw

I went to the Grand opening of El Marcado Los 4 Hermanos Mexican Market in Paw Paw and got a good look at everything they have to offer.