Yesterday while on Facebook somebody posted a few pictures of a new Mexican market that just opened on Monday march, 8th 2021, called El Marcado Los 4 Hermanos, loosely translated (The Market of the 4 Brothers). Just judging from the few pictures I had to go down and check this place out for myself. Upon walking in you instantly got the idea that this family owned business was very appreciative of all who stopped in. The owner was incredibly friendly and the shelves were fully stocked for their first day in business.

I walked around the store to get a good feel of what they provide, and this market has just about everything as you'll see in the photo gallery below. Paw Paw seems really excited about this new family owned business as they had no problem getting customers in the door. They hoping to add a butcher shop in the future, along with the ability to accept EBT as well. Take a look at everything they have to offer:

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The New El Marcado Los 4 Hermanos Mexican Market In Paw Paw

I went to the Grand opening of El Marcado Los 4 Hermanos Mexican Market in Paw Paw and got a good look at everything they have to offer.

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