I stepped outside of the box and discovered this incredible restaurant right here in Kalamazoo!

A co-worker of mine has been talking about this restaurant, and finally I decided to try it. Let me just say, I was not disappointed!

Everything is made fresh by the owner of the restaurant, and you can taste that in every bite! - Mlive.com interviewed owner Frida Boyd about the incredible food she serves...

She said she uses a variety of cooking methods, everything from roasting to taking to braising. Boyd said she offers a variety of meat dishes from beef, fish and chicken, but she also makes vegetarian dishes heavy with chickpeas and peanuts. One popular dish combines rice and meat, but Boyd said she cooks them separately to ensure she provides another option for vegetarian guests.

Here is what I enjoyed...

  • Kachumbari - Shredded cabbage, carrot, sweet pepper, red onions and tomatoes. It's tossed with lemon juice, olive oil and salt.
  • Chapati - All purpose flour, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. It is cooked on a griddle
  • Samosa (meat and vegetable) - Fried pastry with savory fillings of spice, onion, ginger, garlic, lentils, and ground beef or ground vegetables.
  • Maandazi - Flour, yeast, margarine, cardamom pods, sugar and salt.
  • Mishikaki - Overnight-marinated then grilled beef.

Everything I tried was amazing, but don't take my word for it!

Check out the great reviews for Jambo African Cuisine on Yelp.com

Frida B reported...“I like the buffet style, especially because i like to get this place on the go on my way to work."

Kelly H said...“I had the spinach and cashew, chicken, fish, African donut, chai tea (sooo good) and Samosas with hot sauce.”

Taylor P noted..."Went here on a Sunday for a late lunch with my girlfriend and loved the food and the atmosphere."

I urge you to try this place, everything is so good! You can find the joint at 6521 Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo. Let me know what you think after your visit!

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