A crazy customer in Goshen Indiana choked a pregnant Taco Bell employee over hot sauce packets Monday afternoon.

Apparently, you should not stand in the way of this woman and hot sauce.  According to the Elkhart Truth,

The suspect, who was described as a large woman in her late 30s, came into the restaurant at 4510 Elkhart Road around 1:30 p.m. and ordered a meal. She became enraged with the manner in which a 26-year-old female employee handed her hot sauce packets and wanted more of them, according to Goshen Police Department spokeswoman Tina Kingsbury.

The customer then attacked the pregnant employee, pushed her against a wall and choked her. The employee did not seek medical treatment after the incident.

There are currently no suspects in custody.  So yes, the Taco Bell Bandit is still at large.  There is no word on if the suspect ended up getting the extra hot sauce she badly needed.


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