Jaden Smith maybe a game changer for Flint water.

It started when Jaden was just 10 years old and surfing with his Father (Will Smith). As he was in the Ocean, he noticed empty plastic bottles and other trash floating next to him. That moment changed how he would use his celebrity status; Jaden and his father created the eco-friendly water company JUST. Not only is the water 100% pure spring water but the bottles are paper based and the caps are made from sugar cane. Plus, he didn't hesitate to step up and help Mihcigan!

According to Mlive,

Jaden Smith, has donated 9,200 bottles of water to Flint and says it will continue to give monthly to the city until lead levels in the public schools' water is below the federal threshold.

JUST and Jaden Smithare no stepping up their game! JUST (which is a non-profit foundation) is working on a reverse osmosis filtration system that purify 10 gallons of water every 60 seconds!

Dailymail.co.uk reported that last week at the WeWork Global Summit Jaden Smith Stated...

We’re running a pilot program in Flint, Michigan, where we are putting in a reverse osmosis filtration system that is going to be able to purify 10 gallons of water every 60 seconds.

That will change lives, and it is incredible to see how people are attempting to help Flint have safe drinking water!

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