Halloween is just around the corner and Jackson's Underworld in Jackson, Michigan is now open for the season

I went to Jackson's Underworld over the weekend and even though I had already gone through this haunted house once in 2015, I was not prepared for what was to come this year.  If you know me at all, you know I am petrified of clowns.

Well, Jackson's Underworld added a new attraction in the 4-story haunted house this year, and it's called Psycho Vision 3D.  I did not know about this until arriving in Jackson but was excited to learn that I would get to walk through TWO haunted houses in one night.

I should have known to turn back after seeing a giant clown head painted on the entrance of Psycho Vision 3D.  It is a haunted house made up of ALL CLOWNS.  But, I faced my fears and walked through the whole thing.  I can't describe how amazing the 3D experience was, but I can say that they put tons of work into every detail.

After Psycho Vision, I went through the original haunted house and it had some of the same features as last year, only better.  Everything was better.  My favorite part is where you walk out of a door, and onto a catwalk that takes you from one building to another.  You never know what's coming next!

Jackson's Underworld is my personal favorite haunted house in Michigan.  It's a must see!  For directions and to purchase tickets, see below.