Forget the jewelry, cash or electronics, grab the skivvies

When you welcome people into your home you expect that they will respect your things, and keep their hands off your loin clothes. That was not the case for one Michigan home owner.

Fox News source reported that...

A man is caught on camera stealing underwear out of a homeowner's washing machine during a real estate open house.

The news source claims that a Jackson couple had put their home up for sale, and as usual, they held an open house to help the sale. What they didn't expect was to have 2 pairs of dirty underwear stolen from the laundry!  The article claims that the under garments were Reebox boxer briefs, and the perp is still on the lose. The home owners did report the theft to the cops, yet so far the drawers have not been returned. Of course, the question is who would want their dirty undergarments returned. I can't even imagine why someone would want to steal dirty panties, and I certainly would not want them back if found.

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