We all know to watch for deer shooting across the road, but now we need to watch for turtles!

What you may think is a black rock on the road, you may be wrong. More than likely it is a turtle trying to cross the road (no that's not a joke).

In the month of May the Howell Nature Center has taken in about 40 turtles that where injured because they were hit by cars. The center told the Detroit Free Press that the turtles recovery takes between 4 to 6 weeks and requires antibiotics and TLC. Heather Cole, a wildlife rehabilitation coordinator, told the paper...

A lot don’t make it – their shell fractures are too bad. Some of them get hit head on, but the majority of them are clipped, go flying through the air and land back on the ground. It’s a mixture of people don’t see them, or see them too late and don’t want to swerve in traffic, they think it’s something already dead in the road.”

If the turtle is lucky enough to recovered from their injuries the Nature Center returns the turtle to the area that it was hit.

Now, the reason for all the turtles being run over is two-fold. One, it is their mating season so they are leaving their winter homes and heading to the wetlands to find a mate. Two, with all of the major construction that Michigan is dealing with, side roads and back roads are being used more for motorist to get around.

If you see a black looking rock on the road and it is possible, please avoid hitting them. And if at all possible pull over and carry the turtle across the road in the direction they were heading.

Keep your eyes opening and possibly save a sweet turtle!


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