We all remember the famous episode of Beavis and Butthead that featured Detroit Rapper, Ms. T' Baby with her now famous song "It's So Cold In The D." She's Back.


This Video Is NSFW:

I have been in contact with her for a few years now and she was cool enough to take a few minutes to talk about her music. She has her own merch that is available through her Facebook. Her new track entitled "Detroit Style" just recently dropped and she has definitely come back with some fire. The NSFW video has almost 4 thousand views in just under 2 days of being out. "It's So Cold In The D" has roughly 9.5 million views on You Tube.

Only time will tell if she''ll be able to repeat the success of her first song. She hopes that the addition of merchandise and this new track will help get her music career to a new level. I can't to get one of those sweet hoodies in the mail. Thanks T'Baby.

Watch her new video below.

This video contains strong language/ themes and is NSFW:

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