National Michigan Day is celebrated every January 18. Having recently moved back to the Mitten after seven years away I find myself having a new appreciation for my home, but I'm also having to get reacquainted with the Pure Michigan lifestyle. Not only do I have to remember to add 10 cents to the price tag every time I buy a Faygo from the gas station, but I've also realized that we Michiganders need to be prepared for anything, including any type of weather!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who leaves my snow brush in my car all year long. Living in Michigan means being prepared to get your car unstuck by yourself yet it also means being prepared to drop everything and head over to the beach at a moment's notice. We Michiganders are a very versatile people.

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I've lived in southern Missouri for the last four years and they do things a little differently down there. That's why moving back to Michigan has been a bit of a culture shock! Missouri doesn't get real snow and they've never even heard of a bottle deposit, but having grown up here I figured things would pretty much be the same. Boy, was I surprised!

There are so many tiny distinctions that make Michigan feel like home. For example, when you're in Michigan and you point to your hand to use it as a map, people don't stare at you like you're crazy! As I moved across the Midwest I was surprised to learn that in general, the U.S. population doesn't seem to know (or care) that Michigan is the only state that's literally shaped like a hand!

After moving back in with my parents in Allegan, I've discovered several items that seem to be unique to Michigan homes. See if you can find all ten items on this list in your Pure Michigan home:

10 Things You'll Find in Any Michigan Home

From piles of returnable cans to a deck of only 24 cards, here are the items you'll find in every Michigan home.

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