Art and nature meet with a whirl wind of mystery in Traverse City.  Hidden deep in the forests of Traverse City, is something called the 'Hippie Tree'. Many people have taken the hike to spend time with the old weeping willow, but each of their tales is different.

Coined the 'Hippie Tree' buy locals because of the spiritual visitors that embarked on the tree, it became a place of enlightenment...which could be good or bad. Some 'Hippie's' reported feeling uncomfortable and distressed. that would make some sense because what some do not know is that the tree is located near one of only three psychiatric hospitals in the state of Michigan. The hospital has been closed down for years but the rumors of haunting continue and are now linked to the 'Hippie Tree'.
Also, the tree has been accused of being the portal to hell, but that is not a proven fact, and I am pretty sure the Devil would not pick a place as lovely as Michigan to his entry way.

One should not fear the 'Hippie Tree', but be prepared for enlightenment and maybe bring a little paint along to leave your mark.


The Hippie Tree


Walking The Path To Hell's Bridge

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