Ever since I moved to Kalamazoo the old Mobile gas station has been in-operational as a gas station. However, Gull Road Automotive has been operating out of the garage in that time. Only recently was service somewhat restored to the store area of the station. That was until the city put the property up for public auction on September 22nd. The auction was done online only as a public auction with a minimum wager of $61,250.00. The description of the property read:

This is the old Mobil gas station on Gull road that has been converted into an Auto Repair garage in Kalamazoo. This building sits on approximately 0.57 acres of land. Multiple vehicles were found in the parking lot. The inside was maintained and operational. The fuel pumps were marked to show they did not have fuel to dispense. Large property. This would be a great opportunity for someone looking to operate a gas station or repair business.

It now seems that after some repairs and a little facelift this gas station may be returning. Although it doesn't list who won, the plot won with a bid of $475,250 even. To view the listing in full you need to create on online account on their website, but the description said the property was foreclosed for unpaid taxes. So the question is what happens now?

Will the new owners take over and renovate a much needed gas station, which would be one of two west of Sprinkle on Gull? Will they tear it down and put something else in its place? What will happen to Gull Road Auto? Many questions will be answered for sure in the coming months.

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