Those of us that live, work, or travel through the Milwood neighborhood have encountered Miller Road at least once, if not multiple times. Or if you're as lucky as I am, Miller Road is apart of your daily commute both to and from work, school, or whatever else you may indulge in. Now that the snow has melted, we can now see the treacherous stretch of potholes that cover almost a mile of road.

As most of Kalamazoo and the rest of Michigan knows, there's always road construction being done, but potholes always exist, its a never ending cycle. Most of us brave the roads and swerve around potholes and others can't get out of the way and wince as they hear their tires bouncing in and out of the gaped concrete. Now, those that drive on Miller Road have to think outside of the box if they want to avoid those sounds and the damage that could ensue from hitting the wrong pothole.

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Easy Going West

Traveling from East to West isn't terrible and can be dealt with, but there are some small grievances that bother drivers. The first being that there are a multitude of manholes that line the portion of the road that your tires would normally ride along. Obviously, this isn't a huge deal but it bothers me to hear and feel that small bump as I constantly run over the mall hole. The other inconvenience is being caught by a train or being stuck behind someone as they wait to turn left after the turn lane has disappeared. All in all, a drivable road for the most part.

East Is The Worst

Then, there's the exact opposite going on when driving West to East on Miller Road. There is an entire section of road that is literally impossible to drive on without either hurting your feelings or your car. Once you go under the Viaduct for the Train Track Bridge you should brace for contact or be prepared to drive "in your own lane." There is a manhole and a pothole that you want to avoid, but this is only the beginning of the trouble.

Once you emerge on the other side of the viaduct, like I mentioned before, you should just create your own lane and shift your car to the left. as you're driving down the road you'll see there is about a 3/4 mile stretch of potholes in the road exactly where your passenger side tires should be. Now you have to make a choice and this choice is what I believe makes Miller Road the worst street to drive on in Kalamazoo. You either choose to drive with half of your car in the turning lane and face swerving oncoming traffic or an accident, and then the other option is to drive in the normal lane and destroy your tires and other parts of your car.

There's no way to win when driving on Miller Road, especially when heading East. Are there bad roads to drive on in Kalamazoo? Of course, but none are worse than Miller Road. I simply don't know another street that could make me wince, cry, or think as much as Miller Road has. Don't forget to make your decision wisely or your car may pay for it.

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