It really all depends on if you believe or if you don't. 

I am one that really believes. With so many cases of haunted houses — and based on some of the strange things I have experienced — yes, haunted houses are real.

Since I moved here in 2009, I have heard so many stories of how things have happened at the Henderson Castle that could not be explained. It really is something I am interested in knowing more about!

I have been inside, and it is beautiful! It's really like going back in time when you step through the door — and the feeling of class and sophistication comes over you as well. Maybe the elegance and history are what make this Kalamazoo landmark so mysterious!

Well, my fiance Kaysie got the chance to spend some time there recently, and she said some strange things happened.

One thing that sent chills up her back was hearing a woman's voice pretty clearly in one of the rooms. It wasn't just her who was hearing it, too; two other people heard the same thing. Strange flashes of light were reported along with cell phone malfunction, flickering lights, and temperature change.

I guess the only way to really know is to experience something like that for yourself! I recommend a little "staycation" at the Henderson Castle! Maybe you will have a story to tell yourself!