This is one of the strangest kidnapping cases to ever come out of the Midwest.

For a while there, Ohio was on track to become the kidnapping capital of the United States.  The most publicized kidnapping case out of the Buckeye State broke wide open in 2003.  You may remember the three women that were kidnapped and held captive in a Cleveland home for over 10 years.  So far in 2021, Ohio has the 11th most missing persons according to World Population Review.

The strange incident that just happened last Friday took place on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River.  It all started when a father was having lunch with his sons at the park before a stranger sat down at the table with them and started talking to herself.  41-year-old Kimberly Dawn Maxwell then, allegedly grabbed a 5-year-old boy then threw him in the Ohio River.  The boy's family had no idea who this woman was or why she did something so horrific.  A witness to the crime jumped into the river and was able to save the boy.  That's when Maxwell allegedly attempted to run away and then leapt into the river herself.  Police arrived to find the suspect neck deep in the water and very confused about geography and the legal system according to,

The deputy went down to the river and could barely see what appeared to be a head in the river. He said he could hear a woman’s voice saying that police couldn’t do anything to her because she was in international waters.

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The suspect that expected immunity due to declaring the Ohio River as "international waters" has been charged with kidnapping and malicious assault.

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