There's is one very lucky bald eagle in Michigan thanks to the quick thinking of a caring Michigan family.

The bald eagle, which we all know is the national bird of the United States, was spotted injured and struggling in a ditch by a Tuscola family. According to ABC12, the family could instantly tell the majestic bird was injured and in trouble but were unsure of exactly what to do.

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Family member Peggy Pelkey immediately started making calls for help after noticing that the bird had an injured wing. After calls to local agencies, Fred Pomery decided to try and help the bird himself. Now, approaching a bird with talons that can lift and carry prey away is not exactly the easiest thing to do, yet he knew he needed to help.

"At first, when I first walked up to it, it kind of opened its mouth, but it was stuck in those branches," Pomery told ABC12."My thinking was if we did that, his talons were two inches long it was crazy, I just figured it I threw a blanket over him, if I could scoop him he really couldn't get away and if I could get a good grip on him, then we could at least get him back here until the people could come and rescue him".

The eagle, who was actually wearing a metal tag, was taken for treatment to Wildlife Recovery in Midland. It appears the injury occurred from the eagle colliding with a high voltage power line.  Hopefully, the eagle will be soaring the skies above Michigan soon once again.

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