Indianapolis ranks #1 in the U.S. for "cuffing season" in 2019.  What does that mean?

First of all, what is "cuffing season?"  Cuffing season is a time of year when singles commonly get into temporary or casual relationships according to,

Cuffing Season is the time of year when people couple off to combat the cold and loneliness. When parsed down, it is simply a social construct, partly manufactured from holiday stress and partly biological, that pushes single people into relationships for the winter months.

More than 5,000 people were surveyed according to Chicago Tribune,

Using data from its annual Singles in America survey, dating app Match compiled a list of which U.S. cities have the best and worst cuffing seasons, based on a city’s interest in casual dating, as well as whether people in that city are having a lot of, or a little, sex.

The Midwest had a very strong showing in this survey with Columbus, OH grabbing #8, Chicago #4 and Indianapolis #1.

Top 5 U.S. Metros for "Cuffing Season" 2019:

#5  Memphis

#4  Chicago

#3  Denver

#2  San Diego

#1  Indianapolis

Texas has 3 cities among the worst cities for "Cuffing Season" 2019 include El Paso, Washington D.C., Fort Worth, New York City and Dallas.

The survey also covered a few interesting dating topics like:

Deal Breakers

68% Poor Hygiene
45% Unclean Appearance
43% Laziness
41% Lack of Humor
39% Emotionally Needy

In their last relationship, singles argued most about...

31% Lack of Quality Time
30% Not Listening
23% Money
22% Blatant Lying
20% Withdrawing Emotionally
19% Cheating



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